Through a series of adventures, a unicorn with a broken horn discovers the truth about herself and what it means to be enough... or a NUFF!

Inspiring every girl to know that she is enough
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Inspiring girls and women of all ages with themes such as...

Authenticity, Self-Assurance, Resilience, Diversity, Inclusion

Behind the story

A Mother’s Final Wish...Why a Unicorn?

Veronica loved to make people laugh. Throughout her cancer treatments, she spontaneously wore a unicorn costume around the house to lift the spirits of her daughters and remind them of the joy they still shared. Join a timeless journey to understand what it means to be a Nuff, so that Veronica's vision can become the foundation for women and girls everywhere to know they are a Nuff. #SHEisaNUFF

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Join the Movement

When a girl knows she is enough, she gains resilience, sets high expectations for her future and stays determined to achieve her dreams. The Nuff introduces a critical message into the lives of young women everywhere, and you can too. Join us and share this message – she is a Nuff!

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Will Waldrop

A Father on a Mission

Since Veronica’s passing, Will Waldrop has been on a mission to turn Veronica’s poem into a kid’s book so that their girls and girls everywhere will know they are enough... or a NUFF! This mission will be realized on International Women’s Day 2020

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With millions at home, The Nuff is taking flight to unite families looking for opportunities to learn, play and love together.

The Nuff Activity Kit includes 10 pages full of coloring sheets, a maze, a word search, crafts and activities to spark creativity, positivity and confidence-building.

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Behind the story

The Author

Veronica Waldrop wrote a magical tale during her two-year battle with breast cancer to inspire her daughters, Natalia and Nina, after she was gone.

Through this enduring, heartwarming story of unconditional love, hope, and perseverance, Veronica hoped to empower girls everywhere to be the bold and confident women they were created to be.

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