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ISBN:  978-1-7330997-0-7

Price: $17.99 US / $23.55 Can

Wholesale discounts apply

Size: 9.25” x 11.25”

Minimum order: 12 copies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we work with a distributor?

Outside of major wholesale accounts, we are operating independently of any distributors. Our aim is to get this book to our target audience and to those who may not have a chance to receive it without the collaborations we currently have in place. 

Where can The Nuff be found?

Tailwind Publishing books are available wherever books are sold. We reach retailers and wholesalers through our in-house Sales and Rights team. The team provides opportunities for special sales, custom publishing, rights licensing, permissions, and more.

Do you offer Bulk Discounts?

Organizations, corporations, and individuals interested in purchasing bulk quantities of a title direct from Tailwind Publishing can receive discounts ranging from 45% to 60% off the list price, plus freight. Some titles may also be eligible for customization at an additional cost. All bulk purchases are non-returnable. 

Do you offer Wholesale Discounts?

If you are a retailer or wholesaler in the United States or Canada and would like to open an account or receive a quote on bulk purchases please contact and you will receive communication from our GM of sales, Bill O’Donnell.


A permissions contract is required to reprint or reproduce material from any book published by Tailwind Publishing. Please be aware that we charge fees for the use of Tailwind Publishing content, and we do not provide a fair use assessment. For more information on U.S. Copyright Laws and Fair Use, please visit

For queries or more information, please contact our Rights team at: and specify “Tailwind Publishing Book Rights” in the subject line.

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